When we founded MyBuddies it was with the goal of building a coworking space that would help you feel more like you were in a comfortable office space that you had been working in for years. It was our goal to build more than an office, we wanted to build a workplace founded on community.

We sought out and remodeled 2400+ square feet of office space including conference room, full kitchen, common areas and more. We remodeled the space for optimal productivity including a bright and inspiring aesthetic that would help our in house workers stay positive and productive.

As well as building a great common area where we could form community within the workplace we also wanted to have private office areas and facilities to meet the needs of any style of business. We have six spacious offices that have all been designed for privacy, these offices are available for rent and they can be the perfect area for meeting clients, making calls and more.

Versatility is another pillar of MyBuddies. When we set out to create inspired co-working space we wanted to make sure that our office area could be a flexible space to get access to hot desks. These open spaces in the office are designed for networking and with the full range of facilities so that you can have a flexible office space whenever it’s needed. Our hot desks also encourage collaboration to help you expand your business while meeting other professionals. These are the spaces that can help you feel like you are working in a supportive working environment with new coworkers, even when you are focusing in on your own business or occupation!

At MyBuddies we are committed to keeping up the space and creating an intuitive and ever-expanding office area for our clients. We will be regularly updating our office spaces during off hours to ensure that our clients can get access to a clean and modern workspace the entire time they are with us.

If you need a flexible workspace in a modern office that feels like a community, contact us today.